About 1ROOF

1ROOF is a digital quantity surveyor, it makes it easy for clients and builders to create accurate estimates.

We created it because one in every four home improvement projects ends in dispute. We want to make home improvement less stressful, possibly even enjoyable. We thought we could combine our expertise in software and the building industry to help.

We started by creating a project management tool for homeowners. This was not a good idea. The product was difficult to build and homeowners would only use it once every five or ten years. So we changed plan. We knew that estimating was a problem for builders and so adapted our software to help. That was more successful. However, we started to understand why the use of estimating software was limited.

The problem was that projects are specified for in many different ways. Some clients would provide floor plans and a verbal explanation, others a word or excel document. Each time the builder would have to interpret the different requirements and calculate his rates. There were no efficiencies from one to the next. Despite the fact that 90% of projects were for the same thing.

It is the job of a quantity surveyor to solve this problem. They create schedules which can act as a cost plan and standardise estimating. However, possibly because of their cost, quantity surveyors are rarely employed in home improvement projects.

Our solution is to create an easy to use framework which enables clients and builders to create quick, accurate cost plans. It calculates quantities and inputs rates automatically to save a huge amount of time and stress.

So, we’re a digital quantity surveyor. We hope you think it’s worthwhile as we need your support. With it we will make home improvement much easier for everyone 😃.